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Pisa, lying on the banks of the Arno, it conserves precious architecture and the memories of its glorious past as a Maritime Republic.
The Campo dei Miracoli complex, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, consists of a piazza of monuments of inestimable value and great appeal for tourists, they are the most representative structures of the city. The white structures of the Duomo and the Baptistry, both in Pisan Romanesque; the Camposanto Monumentale; and the Bell Tower, known as the Leaning Tower and standing out against a green lawn. The Tower's incline, due to subsidence, has made this monument famous the world over, and it is by now the official city symbol.

What's include

  • Campo dei miracoli
  • Piazza dei Cavalieri
  • Museo nazionale di San Matteo
  • Church of Santa Maria della Spina