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We provide fun and engaging private tours in a city that has fascinated travelers for thousands of years. Choose from our tour ideas or tell us what you'd like, and we'll create a custom tour just for you! With Rome Illuminated, you already have a friend in Rome. Our tours showcase each aspect of the city in an unforgettable way. This isn't your typical guided tour. Each excursion is enlivened with fun facts, amazing ideas, and memorable stories. We focus on the hidden sides of the highlights we love and on an ever-changing selection of hidden gems and last-minute opportunities.

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I offer private guided tours either through set itineraries or customized tours specially designed for small groups and independent travellers. And then, besides the art and cultural scene, I'm also eager to introduce you to the actual life of Venice as well sharing useful advice on food, local crafts, leisure and main events so they won't be just blurred images for you, our guests. Whether it's a first, second or even third time in Venice , I'll be pleased to show you around according to your own preferences.

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I'll give you the chance to experience the real Neapolitan culture. I will show you the unique characteristics of the people of Napoli, the food that they eat in hidden trattorie, the music they sing in the piazzas, and all of the hidden places which you cannot see without the help of a true Neapolitan. My tours are not the usual tourist tours but are, rather, an experience of real Italian life. My hope is for real tourist friends, people with a genuine interest in the arts. People who appreciate and understand the beauty of the Italian artistic history, people who will be happy with what they learn here.

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